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This Mastodon instance, called Technology in Montreal, is a bit of an experiment. Its presupposition is that Montreal has a clear bright future not the least because of its strong technology clusters such as in video games, film and video postproduction, artificial intelligence, aerospace, biotech, IT and data centers and more.

While there are several initiatives to bolster the tech community, investment, and startups for example, there is not much out there for the generalized tech worker to communicate besides specialized meetups and as mentioned those in the managerial and investor class.

Therefore this instance is adamantly built as an open source hub on the Fediverse for Montreal tech workers of various sorts to discuss technical subjects, their work, perhaps life in general.

It is geared towards the underserved Anglophone and immigrant communities, though it is totally open and forthcoming to the majority Francophone tech workers of course.

Some Rules

  1. While the text apart of the instance is only in English for now (to also be translated in the future), feel free to post in French or any other language, as this best reflects the diverse reality of Montreal.
  2. No racism or discrimination will be tolerated at all. You will be automatically banned for any such posting without warning.
  3. While any topic is fair game, sticking to the general topic of how to better develop the tech scene of Montreal for all Montrealers is highly encouraged.
  4. Unlike a lot of other instances, self-promotion of yourself, company, or products is allowed. But please keep it short and sweet. This rule may get us blocked from other non-commercial Mastodon instances, but we would like to encourage business practices that are ethical, green however possible, and beneficial to Montrealer's and the world's well-being.

More rules to come as Technology in Montreal is developed - this is only the very beginning.

Stay tuned for a companion Technology in Montreal website and Discourse forum coming soon!

Technology in Montreal is brought to you by Montreal Tech Writer.